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admin posted this 24 February 2016

 Download versions:

Version  Download here

Please read the instructions at the bottom of the page and send a feedback if something went wrong in order to be fixed.



Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9+ (Just be installed)

Autocad 2015+ (Not tested on 3dMap)

Java (Latest version if possible).


Small image files


Non-dependence on google earth


 If doesn't load go to getmapdown.dll file right cilick press properties and press upblock at the bottom. That will fix the problem.

Don't foget the security settings: Options>System>EXecutable File Settings .... On Secure Loading click the first or the second option ....

For Greece best coordinates system is:


 In the last version unRAR your files (dll and xml in a folder called getmapdown.bundle) in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ and the getmapdown will start automaticly when the autocad starts. If doesn't start then loaded using NETLOAD.

If you cant see the button on the menu try call the form using MAPDOWN command


admin posted this 02 April 2016


  • The default coordinates system now is the last used
  • Cancel button added so the user can cancel the download of the images
  • The user can save to a network drive if it is maped
  • The rectangle made by the user at start now is deleted
  • The image is going to bottom after is been inserted


  • Missing help page fixed
  • Auto loading added


  • Help added
  • Zoom conflict in some areas fixed
  • Register problem in some pcs fixed


  • Favorite Coordinates hide (fixed)
  • Maximum Zoom is now traced from Google

Version: 1.0.2

  • Global coordinates transformation added (over 3000)
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Now errors are sent automatically to developer





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